​Mitch is now a successful Airbnb host

With Luckey, Mitch was able to become the best host possible and smoothly welcome each guest that stayed at his home.

Mitch is the proud owner of a beautiful home in King West Village, close to Trinity Bellwoods Park in downtown Toronto. He lived there for years before moving to his second home in Hamilton.

Mitch wanted to offer his artsy apartment to travellers visiting Toronto. However, after being put off by technical aspects (ad distribution) and the many operational constraints involved (replying to enquiries, managing bookings, cleaning, key exchanges, welcoming guests, laundry, repairs, inventory, etc.), he never really got around to doing it.

His goal was not only to bring in additional income, but also to give travellers from around the globe the chance to discover all that Toronto has to offer.

It was during a vacation with friends in Montreal that he found out about Luckey's management service. The couple he was staying with used Luckey to rent their property on a short-term basis during the summer and were delighted with the quality of service provided.

Now, Mitch has turned his main residence into an Airbnb during his time away and is pleased to see how convenient it is to just block his calendar (thanks to the Luckey app) whenever he plans on being back in town for a couple of days. His property is well maintained and offers him that extra flexibility along with a great source of income.

Want to list your home on Airbnb during your holidays, for a weekend or throughout the year? It's easy with Luckey!

Ready to say goodbye to the hassles of managing a short-term rental and boost your property’s value?

Luckey and Airbnb
Since its purchase in December 2018, Luckey has become an Airbnb wholly-owned subsidiary.