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A Guide for Airbnb Reviews

There are many reasons why someone might want to leave a review — mainly, reviews help others know what to expect from a product or service.

In the case of Airbnb, if a guest had a positive experience with a host, they would want to share that experience with potential guests so that they can know what to expect before booking on Airbnb. Hosts can also leave reviews for the guests that they have hosted, which helps future hosts better know the people they will be welcoming.

Altogether, reviews on Airbnb, whether it be for guests or hosts, are a great way of sharing your experience with others, of showing your appreciation, and of providing constructive criticism.

Leaving a Review

Once a guest has completed their stay, they will be notified of the possibility to leave a review. Similarly, the host will also be asked to leave a review of their guest(s). These reviews are an important component of Airbnb and help guests and hosts alike, whether it be when looking for a booking or accepting someone to stay at your home.


Once you have checked out of your Airbnb, you will receive a notification in the Messages tab to submit a review. Below, are the steps you will be asked to complete:


After the completion of a guest's trip, you will also be prompted to leave a review. Below, are the steps you will need to complete in order to see your guest's review of their stay:

How Do Airbnb Reviews Work?

Once a trip is complete, both the host and the guest will have 14 days to submit a review. The host review (written by the guest) that is made public can contain a maximum of 1000 words. This is the most important written feedback because it is the one that every future traveller on Airbnb will see.

Guests, be sure to be concise and respectful. Reviews are not meant to put someone down or be offensive. Try and find good points too, where your host thrived or showed effort. Any reviews that do not respect Airbnb's Content Policy will be removed.

The review you are leaving is not just for other potential guests looking for a place to stay. It is also for your host so that they can know their strong points, as well as the points where they can improve to become the best host they can possibly be. You will have 48 hours to edit your review unless your host has already completed theirs, in which case you will not be able to make any changes.

Hosts, once your guest's public review has been published on your Airbnb listing, you can then write a response. You can access reviews made about you by selecting the Host tab, clicking Performance, and then Ratings.

When responding to a review, always be respectful. If there are points of contention, it is okay to address them, but once again, make sure to be polite. Remember, the way you respond to your reviews will be seen by everyone. 

The Importance of Reviews

Reviews are extremely important on Airbnb. We can't stress this enough. Having good reviews will increase the number of bookings you get as a host and increase the chances of you getting accepted by a host if you are a guest looking for an Airbnb.

Some Airbnb Tips on How To Receive Good Reviews:

Receive good reviews and you will be on your way to becoming an Airbnb Superhost, which in itself is very advantageous and gives Airbnb hosts a number of benefits.

The amount of effort that goes behind getting positive reviews can be quite overwhelming. That is why Luckey has an entire team dedicated to answering guest needs 24/7, responding to reviews, writing reviews, providing a professional cleaning of each property, and far more. Luckey’s goal is to ensure that our hosts get the most out of their Airbnb listing and that guests have an amazing stay!

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