Airbnb Superhost: Everything You Need to Know

There are millions of homes listed on Airbnb, with new ones listed each day. Being a host on Airbnb is great, but there are so many hosts and so many listings it might be hard to get noticed sometimes. For this reason, Airbnb introduced its Superhost status which comes with a number of benefits.

So, how does a host become a part of this elite group? Have no fear, Luckey is here! We've outlined everything you need to know about becoming a Superhost all in one place.

What is a Superhost?

Superhosts aren't just regular hosts with a nice-looking badge next to their listing and profile (although the badge itself does look pretty cool). This achievement means that as a host, you and your home have provided exceptional stays for your guests and are an example for all other hosts in the hospitality industry.

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How to become an Airbnb Superhost?

Every three months (January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st), Airbnb checks to see if you meet the following requirements. If you do, then you will officially be an Airbnb Superhost and will receive all the perks that come with this status, which we will cover later.

4.8+ Rating Overall

Getting a bunch of reservations is one thing, but to be a Superhost, you also need to maintain an overall rating of at least 4.8. If it goes below that number, then the badge goes away and so does the privilege that comes with it.

No Cancellations

Superhosts never cancel on confirmed reservations. That way, each guest knows that once they've booked with you, there is no stress of having to find a new place. This is the first step before anything else. Just don't cancel, unless it's an emergency that falls under the Extenuating Circumstances policy, in which case Airbnb has you covered. Otherwise, this should be an easy step to check off the list.

Host 10 or More Stays

Superhosts have hosted at least 10 stays in the last year or have had 3 stays that total 100 days or more. If you're struggling to achieve this goal, then maybe you should look into updating your listing. Sometimes a lower price, a better description of your home, a physical check-in of your guests, or even better images can go a long way.

90% Response Rate

As a Superhost, you need to respond to messages from guests within 24 hours at least 90% of the time. This assures that guests know they can rely on you and expect a quick answer to any questions or concerns they may have. The more reliable you are, the more comfortable the guest will feel, the more inclined they will be to leave a positive review.

50% Review Rate

Guests must leave a review at your home at least 50% of the time in order for you to receive the Superhost badge. If you see a guest that hasn't done it yet, there's nothing wrong with sending a message and asking them to leave one, especially if you know their stay was great. Remember, each positive review counts.

Sometimes, guests decide not to leave a review because they would rather not leave a negative one, which is why sending them a message can also be a great opportunity to find out where you can improve.

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What are the benefits of being a Superhost?

As we've mentioned before, being a Superhost doesn't just grant you a badge (although it does help you stand out from other listings). It also gives you access to several perks, some of which can help you earn more.

More visibility

With the Superhost status, you will appear in top Airbnb search results, as well as appear under the 'Superhost' filter only available to Superhosts.

Earn More

The previous benefit of being more visible in search results will definitely help you earn more (on average, Superhosts earn 22% more than other hosts*). In addition, guests will be more inclined to book with you knowing that you have previously provided an exceptional service to other guests.

Other Perks

Superhosts receive 20% more credits when referring to another host. They also receive an annual $100 travel coupon.

Being a Superhost is something to be proud of. It shows that all the time and effort you have put into being a great host has not gone unnoticed. To be an Airbnb host is already hard work; becoming a Superhost is even more demanding. That is why Luckey offers hosts a complete management takeover of their home in order to help each homeowner get the most out of their Airbnb listing and become the best host they can possibly be!

*Based on internal Airbnb data comparing median aggregate revenue earned by Superhosts to other hosts (with 10+ bookings) on the platform worldwide during 2017.

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